The 11th Annual Meeting of MCNEG

Lucas House

University of Birmingham

7-8 April 2005

MCNEG is the UK forum for discussion of issues related to the use of Monte Carlo and other transport codes in radiation and medical physics

Presentations from MCNEG '05 are available here for download as pdf format files

Photos from MCNEG '05 are here

Topics of particular interest include:

Invited Speakers for the 2005 Meeting:

A competition is held to provide funds for student participants. These are provided by the MCNEG and by the IoP computational Physics group.

Winners of this years travel awards are:

Additional sponsorship has been provided by CMS Inc.

Contact Stuart Green ( for further information:

Dr Stuart Green
Department of Medical Physics
Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust
Birmingham B15 2TH
United Kingdom

Rayleigh (yellow) and Compton (blue) scattering from a 10 micron wide linearly polarised monochromatic X-ray beam penetrating a tissue equivalent medium. Note variation in scattering intensity with azimuthal angle. The viewing angle shifts by 15 deg per frame. Calculated with the Monte Carlo code libraries EGS4/LSCAT and displayed using EGS_Windows.