MCNEG was founded in 1995 through the combined efforts of a small group on Monte Carlo enthusiasts. Initially the group was driven from Velindre Hospital in Cardiff by Ihsan Al-Affan and Cyril Smith. The involvement of the Birmingham group, and the organisation of meetings in 1996 and 1997 strengthened the group and the financial success of the first few meetings laid the foundation of the group for years to come. Over these early years Ihsan Al-Affan acted as Chair of the group and Stuart Green as Treasurer.

Later it was decided that the Chair of the group should be rotated and that the meeting organiser should serve also as Chair of the group. This arrangement continues despite the groups more recent affiliation with the IoP. The current Treasurer is Henry Lawrence.

In reverse chronological order, the group meetings over the years have been as follows:

  • The 2016 Meeting: 7th-8th December and FLUKA workshop 9th December, Christie Hospital, Manchester
  • The 2015 Meeting: 20th-21st July and GEANT workshop 22nd-23rd July, Lancaster University
  • The 2014 Meeting was organised by Colin Baker and held at the University of Liverpool
  • The 2013 Meeting was organised by Henry Lawrence and held at the Ipswich Campus of Suffolk University, Ipswich
  • The 2012 Meeting was hosted by the Velindre Cancer Center, Cardiff
  • The 2010 Meeting was held by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington
  • The 2009 Meeting was organised by the Rick Tanner of the HPA and held at St Catherine's College in Oxford
  • The 2008 Meeting was held at Sellafield Ltd, Risley, Cheshire and organised by Paul Hulse and Andy Cooper
  • The 2006 Meeting was held at the School of Allied Health Sciences, City University, and was organised by Robert Price
  • The 2005 Meeting was held at Lucas House, The University of Birmingham and was organised by Stuart Green and Richard Hugtenburg
  • The 2004 Meeting was held at NPL and organised by David Shipley, Alan DuSautoy and Hugo Palmans. This was the first time the group meeting was scheduled together with a Monte Carlo workshop also organised by NPL
  • The 2003 Meeting was held at University of Edinburgh and was organised by Andrew Reilly for Department of Medical Physics, Western General Infirmary, Edinburgh.
  • The 2002 Meeting was held at The Britannia Stadium in Stoke and was organised by Craig Edwards, University Hospital North Staffordshire.
  • The 2001 meeting was held at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Road, and was organised by Frank Verhaegen. Invited speakers include Laurie Waters (MCNP-X group and Los Alamos) and Charlie Ma (Stanford).
  • The 2000 Meeting was hosted at Clatterbridge Hospital and was organised by Robert Price. Invited speakers included Iwan Kawrakow (NRC,Canada) and Pat Cowan (AEA Technology,Winfrith)
  • The 1999 Meeting was held at Bristol and was organised by Henry Lawrence. Invited speakers included Alex Xenofontov (from Russia).
  • The 1998 Meeting was held at Imperial College. Invited speakers were Dr Berndt Grosswendt (PTB Germany) and Dr Alan Nahum (Royal Marsden Hospital)
  • The 1997 and 1996 Meetings were held in Birmingham (organised by Stuart Green and Martin Cawley). Alex Bielajew was the invited speaker for 1997.
  • The very first meeting of MCNEG was held in 1995 in Cardiff and was organised by Ihsan Al-Affan