MCNEG Monte Carlo user group meeting - Final call for papers and registration

A two-day meeting for users of radiation transport codes

UCS Waterfront Building, Ipswich Campus, Suffolk University, IP4 1QJ, U.K.

Tues. 28th - Wed. 29th May 2013

Link to conference summary (by Henry Lawrence)

A folder of meeting presentations is here

Invited speakers are Alfredo Ferrari, CERN-EN/STI, a principal developer of the FLUKA code; and Zine-El-Abidine Chaoui, Univ. Setif, an expert in low-energy electron transport.

In past meetings we have discussed the Medical (Radiotherapy, Diagnostic, protection), Commercial (power generation, geological measurement), Academic and Archaeological applications of a wide range of Monte Carlo codes.

Don't feel you have to be the world's leading expert on Russian Roulette to present your work; we welcome all levels of contribution.

And points mean prizes! We give cash prizes to the best student presentations, as decided by a vote of all the delegates.

In the evening in the past we have sung and danced. 2013 will not be an exception. I hope my barndance band will be together by then, and Blyth Power will be playing.

A provisional programme is here.

The Registration fee is £165 for the two days. Download the registration form.

Accommodation is at the Premier Inn in Key St, Ipswich, which is very near the university. It may be simpler for you to book this accommodation directly yourself through, as I could not negotiate a discount, but let me know if you would like to book it for you. Price £60.

There is also a possibility of accommodation in a 16th Century half-timbered guest house. Let me know if that appeals to you. Price £60 with the possibility of a saving with a shared room.

For details of registration and submission of abstracts contact:

Henry Lawrence

Deputy Head, Radiotherapy Physics,

Ipswich Hospital, Heath Rd, Ipswich IP4 5PD

United Kingdom

+44 1473 704941